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GPLW3Mail is a splinter project based upon W3Mail. It aims to produce a free version of the W3Mail web-mail client.

The software itself is a module-intensive perl application providing web access to POP3 servers. It will be of interest in such contexts as ISPs providing mail service to their customers, virtual-POP environments and similar.

Our current project goal is to match our branch-point from W3Mail in features and stability, after our current period of reorganization. The W3Mail codebase is very poorly written and has many potential security problems -- these issues will need to be thoroughly addressed before a GPLW3Mail release.

Aside from the code, there is no releationship between GPLW3Mail and the original W3Mail author's code. The author of W3Mail switched to a non-free licence scheme with his 1.0 release; GPLW3Mail branches from the last version of W3Mail released under the GPL.

Project contributors are welcome. At present testing is not needed; GPLW3Mail is guaranteed unstable and extensively broken, and no further exploration of that aspect is currently required. :)


The immediate necessities:
  1. Get it fully modularized and eliminate the copious repetition of spaghetti code.
  2. Convert completely to templates. At present we're using Text::BasicTemplate v2, but this may change if a better package presents itself.
  3. Finish up the conversion to an actual real session scheme.
  4. (release 1.0 here before lunging off to add new features)
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